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Wendy Williams Slams RHOA For Going “Too Far” With #BoloStripper Episode: “Other Girls Will Say To Your Children “Your Mom’s A Wh*re”



Neighbors, we previously reported about the most recent episode of RHOA which featured Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party and a stripper named Bolo!

The episode showed adult toy usage, the cast kissing and rubbing each other down, the stripper rubbing his python and “possibly” inserting it “somewhere,” and much MUCH more! 

Well, Wendy Williams caught wind of the episode and had this to say about it, “I mean it was fun to watch in an entertaining way,” Williams stated, “but when you realize that these are real women who are like in their 40s and 50s — it just is kind of sad.”

“They’ve gone too far… Look, your children are going to have to see that and so the second your girls get cute, the other girls are going to be like ‘Yea, your mother’s a wh*re.”

Neighbors, do y’all agree with Wendy or should she loosen up? 
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