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Mulatto Says She’s “The Hottest Female Out Of Atlanta” In New Interview With MTV



Neighbors, it’s no secret that Mulatto is killing the rap game! And after working with artists such as Gucci Mane and Lil Baby, Mulatto knows that she is among some of the best to ever do it and says she’s “the hottest female out of Atlanta.”

During an interview with MTV Push, Latto spoke about working with Lil Baby on their hit song “Sex Lies” and feeling intimidated at first. 

“I pulled up on him in Miami and he was in the studio and I pulled up on him with the song and he cut the verse in like 10 minutes, on God, on God” she said. “That was intimidating too, I was like damn.”

Latto felt the song would be perfect considering the fact that they are the hottest artists representing ATL right now.  “I’m the hottest female out of Atlanta, Baby is the hottest male out of Atlanta right now, so I just felt like it was the perfect combination.”

Neighbors, do y’all agree? Is Latto the hottest female out of Atlanta? 

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