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Oop! Da Brat Says Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Didn’t Initially Like Her: “She Felt JD Was Trying To Replace Her With Me”



Neighbors, get into this! Da Brat opened up in an interview with TooFab and stated that “Left Eye” Lopes didn’t like her when they first met.

According to the MC, even though she and Left Eye ran in the same circles and were both managed by Jermaine Dupri in the ’90s, the two rappers just didn’t seem to get along at first, but not because Da Brat didn’t want them to.

“Oh man,” Da Brat began. “Left Eye was super dope but I kind of think because she was Jermaine Dupri’s first artist and they used to — they grew up together and I think she lived with him at one point. Like I think when I came along — I don’t think she liked me too much. Cause I think she felt like JD may have been replacing, trying to replace, you know, her with me, which wasn’t the case, but she wasn’t too fond of me.”

According to MadameNiore, Da Brat shared how painful it was to deal with Left Eye not initially hitting it off with her. “But I loved Left Eye, and it just broke my heart when she didn’t love me,” the rapper said.

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