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Vanessa Bryant’s Mom Details How Her Relationship With Her Daughter Went South After The Passing Of Kobe Bryant



Neighbors, get into this!

According to spanish talk show, “El Gordo, y La Flaca”, Vanessa Bryant is cutting off her mother financially, and out of her life as well.

In an interview Vanessa Bryant’s mother, Sofia Laine reveals that she has attempted to get in contact with her daughter and nieces however, when she went to visit them, she was told she was removed from the homes “visitor” list. She would only be allowed to contact her family via Facetime but when she did, Vanessa did not answer.

Vanessa’s mother stresses that she misses her family dearly and a piece of her was taken, when Kobe and her grand daughter Gigi passed away. When asked about the accident, she stated that it was very strange how the helicopter spun three times before it crashed. She also said that the exact location of Kobe and Gigi’s burial site has not been revealed because the family wants them to rest in peace. She then went on to say that even though Kobe and her daughter fully supported her financially for 20 years due to her becoming disabled, Vanessa has been cutting her off financially, little by little ever since Kobe and Gigi’s passing.

The spanish talk show revealed that Sofia Laine used to live in a luxurious home valued at 1.5 million dollars with 3 bedrooms and two & a half bathrooms in Irvine California that was paid for by Kobe himself. He told her that as long as he lived, she would live comfortably and not have to worry about working. 

Sofia Lane revealed that shortly after the accident, Vanessa and her daughters went to stay at her home due to Natalia not being able to stay in her late fathers home, often having scares, seeing her father and sister sitting on their couch. She said that one day when they were sitting at a table Vanessa said that they had to sell a house, and they chose her mother’s house to sell. 

Although Laine wanted to keep the home, Vanessa said there was nothing she could do about it because it was under Kobe’s secretary, Erika Williams’ name. Although Sofia no longer lives there, the home has still not gone up for sale to this day. Laine also stated that one day Vanessa randomly said she was taking the car away and sold it, and never saw it again.

Even though Vanessa is currently paying for her apartment she is currently living in, Sofia revealed that Vanessa said she would only pay until the lease is up in March 2021 and that after that she must fend for herself. Sofia Laine says that she is worried how she will make ends meet and has no clue why her daughter is acting this way toward her. 

The talk show reached out to Vanessa and her team asking if she had a statement for what her mother had to say, and Vanessa had some things to get off her chest. 

In the statement she wrote the following:

-While she was mourning the loss of her husband and daughter, her mother “had the audacity” to do a television interview speaking negatively of her, and crying over a house and car that was not under her or her mothers name.

-Her mother has taken off all jewelry and stopped being flashy for the media as well as removed most of the furniture from her home to make it look like she has stopped supporting her, however claims she is still doing so every month. 

-Her mother has not been there to support her or her daughters through this hard time.

-She is extremely saddened by this whole situation with her mother and she hopes that all information about their personal relationship ends there. 

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