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Minneapolis Judge Has Banned The Police Department From Using ALL Neck Restraints And Chokeholds



Neighbors, a judge In Minneapolis has ordered the Minneapolis Police Department to stop using ALL neck restraints and chokeholds when dealing with suspects, according to CNN.

The order says that officers must immediately notify a supervisor if they see inappropriate use of force. That’s not it though neighbors, officers are also  required to physically intervene when an officer is using unauthorized use of force. If they don’t step up, they too shall be subject to discipline to the same severity as if themselves engaged in prohibited use of force. 

In a written statement from Commisoner Rebecca Lucero she stated, “todays court order will create immediate change for Communities of Color and Indigenous Communities who have suffered generational pain and institutional racism and long-standing problems in policing.”

Neighbors, we are making progress! Yes, we still have a long way to go, but us speaking out, protesting, marching and fighting back is waking some people up. Just make sure YOU STAY WOKE! 🖤 

Written By: @Thalexist96 on Instagram

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