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Kourtney Kardashian Says She Will Teach Her Children About The Pain Inflicted By Racism And How Black History Extends Beyond “February”



Neighbors, it’s no secret that Kourtney Kardashian prides herself on giving her children a somewhat “normal” upbringing. With that being said, she’s taking her mommy duties a step forward and teaching her kids about the systematic effects of racism. 

In a post to Instagram, Kardashian stated: “As a mother, there is a natural instinct to protect my children from anything that might make them feel sad or unsafe.”

She went on say that the pain and suffering inflicted by racism is not a thing of the past and that she has the responsibility to speak with her kids honestly and often about it. “Even when the truth is uncomfortable. I have to make sure they understand what it means to have white privilege and to take the time to learn and discuss Black History, beyond just one short month out of the year.”

Neighbors, what are your thoughts?