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A COVID-19 Vaccine Will Work Only If Trials Include Black Participants, Experts Say



Neighbors, medical experts believes that a vaccine might not work in African Americans if they don’t participate in the clinical trials to create the drug.

According to NBC News, Calethia Hodges who recruits African Americans for human trials understands why our community doesn’t want to participate. “The reasons I hear African Americans will not participate are heartbreaking and disappointing,” Hodges said. “I have heard about the Tuskegee experiment a lot. And I have heard ‘They [doctors] will give me the virus.’ And ‘They will put a chip inside me.’ Many say their parents raised them ‘to never participate in medical research.’ It’s all tough to overcome.”

Hodges also believes that African Americans participation in the trial is very critical, which is why she is persuading the community to join the study to help create a drug.  Researchers of pharmacogenetics which is the science that studies how genetic factors affect reactions to drugs stress that medicine could produce different results based on race and genetic, socioeconomic and environmental dynamics.

The African American community has been hit the hardest by COVID-19.

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