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New York Tourist Is Arrested In Hawaii After Posting Beach Pictures On Instagram While He Was Supposed To Be Quarantined



Now how dumb could you possibly be?? Neighbors, get a load of this! This is what you call “flexing gone wrong”! A 23 year old man from New York was arrested in Hawaii after his vacation photos were reported to local authorities.

According to Power105.1, Tarique Peters arrived in Hawaii on Monday (May 11) and was required to spend 14 days in quarantine because of the coronavirus pandemic. Peter decided that he was above the law for some reason and decided to hit the beach. Now we all know rule #1 in doing something illegal is to not take any pictures of yourself doing said crime right?? Wrong. Peters shared multiple photographs from his vacation on Instagram.

Peters was not letting corona mess up his vacation plans! Citizens claim they saw Peters on the beach with a surfboard, sunbathing, and walking around Waikiki at night.

All that flexing came with a price, Peters was taken into custody on Friday and is being held on a $4,000 bond. He is unlikely to get any help from his mother, who told the New York Post, she advised him not to take the trip. (Momma’s know best)

“He had no business going there,” Marcia Peters said of her son. “The rules are all over. I told him not to travel. I told him not to go. I told him to cancel all his vacation (plans) because he knows what’s going on in America and all over.”

His ig must’ve been weak asf! Let’s just hope the jail time was worth it

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